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Professional Scientific Insourcing

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Eurofins Professional Scientific Service® (PSS) is a global insourcing solution for our customers. Together with you, we define the respective project and agree on the services you require, which our employees are to provide at your location. During the ongoing project, we take care of the project management, the defined laboratory services and the deployment of our employees in this project.

We currently offer our services in more than 13 countries in North America and Europe and solve your challenges in mastering your tasks.


You have a lot of work but no employees?

Companies in the life science industry usually employ their own permanent or temporary staff. The trend is towards more and more temporary workers in order to meet the constantly increasing demands and to cope with the increasing workload.

These temporary personnel solutions bring with them various challenges for companies:

  • The hiring of temporary staff means, just like the employment of permanent employees, a high investment of time for the selection, familiarization, training, further education and leadership of the respective employees.
  • If a temporary worker is unavailable at short notice, you may not be able to continue the project within the specified timeframe.
  • European regulations, such as the Employee Directive 2008/104 of the EU's Temporary Employment Directive, require the equal treatment of permanent employees and temporary workers with regard to working time, pay and other employment rights.
  • Temporary workers are only allowed to work temporarily for a company (from 1 April 2017 the maximum duration is limited to 18 months) and are therefore not suitable for long-term projects.


How can we help you?

With this specially developed insourcing solution, we offer you the opportunity to achieve the predefined project goal by means of work/service contracts, without having to accept the above-mentioned restrictions in personnel selection.

We have more than 55 years of experience in the scientific and laboratory environment and have outstanding know-how in the field of HR best practice. Eurofins PSS employs full-time staff and offers them a comprehensive service package including training, development and career opportunities. These advantages enable us to attract, retain and motivate best full-time employees and to provide you with the best possible service with highly qualified scientists. The team works at your site and uses your systems and equipment. If required, our teams can also support you in setting up your laboratory and validate your equipment according to your SOPs and your specifications for a lean laboratory practice. Selected group leaders on site organise the provision of our services.

Our service, including onsite management, can include teams of three or more people (one of whom is team leader) to any size, depending on your assignment.

When you enter into a contract with us, we usually define the framework conditions between one and five years. You determine the specific duration of the respective work or service you would like to use by calling up the respective projects through individual orders.


Why PSS?

Eurofins Professional Scientific Services® has been offering this insourcing model for more than a decade. Our insourcing partnerships have grown to approximately 1,500 employees and serve customers at more than 65 different locations worldwide. Our customers benefit from the numerous advantages:

We offer you insourcing solutions with technical expertise.

Our model can limit the use of traditional temporary staff.

Our service usually costs you less than your own full-time staff.

We give you the peace of mind of knowing that your projects can be carried out in your own company.

You will receive a detailed evaluation of the effectiveness of our insourcing programme by means of appropriate performance indicators (KPIs to be defined when the contract is concluded).

We propose an emergency plan in exceptional situations. Should problems arise on your premises that prevent the execution of your planned tests, the work can easily be transferred to our laboratory facilities. In addition, our staff is trained for such emergencies.

We offer our employees a secure workplace and long-term employment opportunities. That is why we can offer you a continuous service at a consistently high level.

You will gain access to our global Eurofins network and expertise.