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Our company

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Located in Switzerland

The Eurofins Scientific AG laboratory is continuing a tradition of 4 Swiss laboratories, from which the Eurofins was founded in 2000. In addition to food and feed analysis, we also carry out high-quality pharmaceutical analyzes on more than 1000 m2 of laboratory space. Our team of the inspection department carries out special requests for our clients. Our customers range from the small to international companies. We have built up a long-standing customer base and are committed to the interests of our clientele through our network.

Internationally networked

Our laboratory Eurofins AG Switzerland is part of the globally active Eurofins Group, which was founded in 1987 in Nantes as a laboratory for the authenticity testing of wines. Eurofins has more than 800 laboratories in over 47 countries worldwide. Through the Eurofins Group you get access to the most modern analytical methods and to experts in a variety of analytical fields.

Your strong team

Each year, we analyze about 45,000 samples. We are involved in the market through long-term customer relationships and various national committees. As a recognized provider of laboratory services, legal opinions and complete solutions for food safety, we have many years of experience.

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