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Recycling, fuels and other disposals

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Production waste, sludge and sewage sludge, incineration residues such as ashes and slags, wastes, contaminated materials from demolition and dismantling projects are examined in regard to decisions on material recycling or deposition.

Production processes must be effective both in terms of cost and benefit. Optimization of the process involves the creation of circuits with rising raw material prices and increased waste costs. Certain waste can be used in other areas as secondary raw materials or for material recycling. Others must be stored in accordance with the Circular Economy Act. The planning for the creation of such circuits already begins in product development and is referred to as product-integrated environmental protection. Examples of such developments are the investigation of the compostability of plastics or the treatment of industrial lacquers for use as road building materials. The treatment of biological waste leads to a further use as compost, fertilizer or as a substrate for biogas production.

Eurofins Environment covers a wide range of materials in the field of waste and Recycling:


  • Industrial waste, such as product waste, sludge, ash, slag
  • Waste from demolition and demolition projects
  • Waste from construction work
  • contaminated substances
  • Sewage sludge
  • Bio waste

We will help you find the right application for your waste. Experimental studies can be used to investigate the extent to which a waste is suitable as a secondary raw material and in which industrial area it is possible to use it. In our laboratories, experiments can be carried out on compostability and fermentation, but also on the depletion of certain pollutants.


  • Building materials and floor excavation
  • Compost, quality assurance according to RAL-GZ 251
  • Investigations according to DüMV
  • Secondary and substitute fuels
  • Fuels
  • Solid biogenic fuels
  • RoHS
  • Emissions trading