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New Swiss standard series SN441011

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Outdoor safety for household plugs and sockets was not guaranteed due to the lack of standardized components. This belongs to the past since the new standard SN 441011 came into place on 1.3.2019.

Conventional sockets only achieve protection class IP55 when the hinged cover is closed. This means that when a device such as a high-pressure cleaner is plugged in, water can penetrate the socket. With the new standard, the Swiss plug system has been extended with a plug connection that provides IP55 protection, i.e. protection against dust and water jets, even when the device is switched on.

From a technical point of view, this protection is guaranteed by a seal on the socket and a sealing ring on the plug. With few exceptions, the IP55 connector system is compatible with existing IP20 plugs and sockets and vice versa. It needs to be kept in mind, that any products that have been tested according to SN SEV 1011 and the IEC standards may only be manufactured or imported until 28.2.2022. As of March 1, 2022, all products must comply with the new SN 441011 standard.

As a result, new standardised IP55 sockets are increasingly coming onto the market, which ensure IP55 protection even when plugged in.

Eurofins can now perform all necessary tests according to the new SN 441011 standard series. With years of expertise we are at your disposal for concept assessments and preliminary tests.

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