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Symposium: EMC & Radio on 15.01.2020 in Zürich

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In just one day, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of topics such as radio approvals worldwide, EMC measurements in the laboratory and others.

The Eurofins team is looking forward to welcoming you on 15 January 2020 at stand no. 2 and discuss with you the latest findings in the field of EMC & radio. Eurofins will also be presenting the following interesting lectures:

13.30h – 14.10h    Funkzulassung weltweit,Hans Peter Leserf in Stream Funk 1                                                 

14.10h – 14.50h    Prüfungen von Combined Equipment, Urs Isler in Stream Funk 2    

15.30h – 16.10h    Medizingeräte mit Funk, Klaas Gerbens in Stream Funk 1

15.30h – 16.10h    FCC-Zertifizierung, Urs von Känel in Stream Funk 2

Keep your finger on the pulse and attend the EMV & radio symposium on 15 January 2020 at the World Trade Center in Zurich.

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