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Two new EMC chambers for Eurofins E&E

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Since this March, considerable construction work has been carried out at the Rossens site. The old "pyramid chamber", the EMC chamber equipped with pyramid absorbers, was completely torn down.

Two new semi-anechonic chambers will replace the meanwhile outdated “pyramid chamber”. In addition to the existing 10 m-chamber a 3 m- and a 5 m-chamber will be built. These two new chambers will be operational for you from August 2019. Thus, Eurofins is expanding its capacity in Rossens on a total of three modern absorber lined chambers. This allows for much greater flexibility, as the chambers can be offered due to their different dimensions according to the size of the test samples and the requirements of the standards.

The EMC laboratory as well as the10 m-chamber in Rossens are ready for use for the entire duration of the construction work.

We look forward to welcoming you at Eurofins Product Testing AG in Rossens for pre-measurements, conformity measurements or expertise.