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Developers, engineering designers and manufacturers are now obligated to launch products onto the market that meet the directives and trends:

EuP Directive

The EuP Directive 2005/32/EC (of Energy-using Products, also the «Ecodesign Directive») was intended to create a framework for designing energy-powered products in an environmentally compatible manner. It came into force in 2005 and was valid until 19 November 2009.

The  ErPDirective 2009/125/EC (of Energy-related Products) replaced this on 20 November 2011.

The  scope was extended from «energy-powered products» (EuP) to «energy-consumption-related products» (Erp). Therefore, passive products that can have an influence on energy efficiency can also be regulated.

Which products fall under the ErP Directive:

The following criteria must be fulfilled:

The following equipment:


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