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CE labelling

CE labelling

CE labelling

The CE symbol means that the product conforms to the applicable directives.

The CE symbol states that the relevant products conforms to the applicable European directives and thus fulfils the legal requirements. With most products, this statement can be made by the manufacturer himself «in good faith» (= conformity declaration as a self-declaration). Therefore, the CE symbol is not regarded as an independent safety/qualify verification, such as the SEV or ENEC test symbol.

With specific product groups, a self-declaration is not permitted. Offices that are designated throughout Europe, so-called «authorised centres» or «notified bodies» must check and confirm the conformity of the products with the relevant directives.

However, as a confidence-building measure, for products with a self-declaration, we also recommend testing and possibly certification by an independent and accredited institution like Electrosuisse.

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You can find out all of the details regarding CE labelling (doc) here.


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