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Service Life

Service Life

Service Life

Meantime-between-failure calculations (MTBF) are the quick and low-priced method for already determining whether the required reliability in future operation is already being achieved during the development phase of products.  

MTBF values form an important basis for determining the service life. They assist in formulating a well-founded service concept. 

Our many years of experience in testing and analyses support the MTBF calculations - from practical experience for practical application!

EN/IEC 61709 (SN 29500)
This application of this standard leads to practice-orientated MTBF values for the relevant products. The failure rates of the building elements contained in the standard are adapted to the state-of-the-art on a regular basis.  

The MIL standard is applied to military objects. The failure rates are more conservative and lead to lower MTBF values for the relevant products.

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