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Eurofins is the world leading food and feed testing laboratory group, deploying a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques in order to support its clients' increasingly stringent quality and safety standards.  

The Group has built up a global network of food testing laboratories and Competence Centres that perform more than 150 million assays per year to establish the safety, composition, authenticity, origin, traceability and purity of food.  

Eurofins thus offers the broadest portfolio of any food testing lab and makes this unique offer available globally from any of our laboratories using optimised processes, logistics and IT.


Our experts work within different segements and establish over the years a profound knowledge in there field of studies. We can offer you solutions that fit your products.


Eurofins works within a wide field of different analysis. We develop and implement new and innovative Technologies and therefore can offer you always a customized solution. We are pleased to help you find the right analysis that fits your inquiry.

Please find a small selection of Analysis we perform within the Eurofins Group:


Industries Services
Baby food Allergen testing
Eggs and egg products Authenticity
Fats and oils Carbohydrates
Fish and seafood Dioxins and POPs
Fresh fruit and vegetables Food Irradiation
Grains and grain products Food law and labelling
Meat and meat products GMO testing
Milk and dairy products Grain testing
Nuts and dried fruits Heavy metals
Packaging Identity Preservation
Pet food Meat testing
Seed Melamine
Spices Microbiology
Sweets, chocolate, and honey Molecular Biology & Immunology
Tea Mycotoxins
Tobacco Nano material testing
  Nutritional analyses
  Organic contaminants
  Packaging / Migration
  Pesticides testing
  Residual DNA testing
  Sensory analyses
  Veterinary drug residues