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Labeling food is a difficult and an ever-changing issue. Many laws are adopted at European level, but they can be interpreted differently in different countries. In addition, there are national provisions which can only be adequately examined by experts on the spot.

Eurofins offers the testing of food labels in most EU countries as well as USA, Canada and, of course Switzerland.

In cooperation with our partners, we offer the testing and translation of food labels for the following countries:


Within the European Union:

Baltic states Belgium Bulgary Denmark Finland
France Greece Ireland Italy Croatia
Netherlands Austria Poland Portugal Romania
Sweden Slovakia Slovenia Spain Czech Republic
Hungary UK Cyprus    


China Canada Norway Russia Switzerland
Serbia Turkey Ukraine USA  

In Ländern außerhalb der EU können die Vorgaben für die Nährwertkennzeichnung von den EU-Richtlinien abweichen. Wir bieten die Analyse, Berechnung und Erstellung der Nährwertkennzeichnung für folgende Länder an:

Canada USA