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Food regulation

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In the course of time, the composition and labeling of foodstuffs has evolved into a very complex subject, which not only binds more and more resources to companies, but also increasingly employs courts and lawyers.

The transboundary movement of goods should be simplified by unified legislation within the EU-CH, but local interpretations of the laws often make the producers face problems when they offer their goods in other European countries. For example, some illustrations in a Member State are regarded as misleading, although they are quite normal in another member State. Differences in the interpretation of "QUID rules" also lead to problems.

The Eurofins Group employs experts with many years of experience in food labeling, which are always up-to-date through cooperation in various committees and regular further training. This makes it possible for companies to advise competently at any time and to accompany them through the jungle of the labeling rules.

Through its international structure, Eurofins is able to offer this service in many EU countries and have food labeling in the respective countries of Destination, checked by staff familiar with the national interpretation of the directives and regulations from day-to-day practice. Direct contact with the labs within the group also allows to verify statements made on foods through their own investigations. As a result, companies have the opportunity to access a unique spectrum of analytical and consulting services with a single contact in order to "secure" products for Europe.